Thursday, 6 May 2010

...Stress & Love...

After a few weeks of rehearsals… I am getting more and more stressed!!
But I think I am winding myself up more than I need to, after all I do have a fabulous company. We are making so much progress, and the piece is coming along in leaps and bounds.
I have decided to slightly change the direction of the piece. It is still based on World War Two but I think that it would be nice for the residents of the care home, if the focus was on love and how it can grow between two young people despite the war being on, as this was true for many of them.

Jennie said to me that I am getting to stressed about it all and that after all this should be fun! Thank goodness she reminded me as I had got so worked up about it all, I had forgotten that what we are doing should be fun and I should be enjoying myself.

Yesterday’s rehearsal, once we got going, went well. We now have a total of almost seven short scenes! The relationships between the characters are so lovely and there have been some amazing moments on stage between them, they have developed and grown and I have never seen this happen on stage before. The cast, including myself, are now so much more than just a bunch of drama students; we are now a group of friends who work well together. The creative input I receive from them is amazing and I know I would not have come this far without them.

Each of them has their own strengths and brings something different to the company. This means that every thing we do has different inputs and ideas. I told them from the start that I do not like directing and it is something I struggle to do successfully. This has meant that all of us as a group direct the scenes together. I prefer this idea than if it were just me to direct as at least this way everyone has their input and the full potential of each scene can be reached.

I spoke to Suzzanah today who is in charge of the project overall and liaises with me and the care home. She is excited for the piece, as am I and we have decided on a date for the performance! Hearing her positivity has made me feel so much more positive and excited for this project and how amazing it is about to be.

After the reheasrsal we trotted off to the S.U for a drink…well a J2o for me! This was nice to socialise with each other away from rehearsals and to bond with one another as a company. I am so happy with how far along things have come and how well we are all doing! Thanks Guys! =)

Right I must go and be creative and create the poster for my piece! 

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