Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Honey I love you...

Another rehearsal another scene….

Finally had a full cast! Meaning that we managed to get a lot done… after I had begun with a moan about attendance and commitment.

2 scenes are now completed, and need just a bit more tweaking and props etc… so I am happy, happy, and happy!

I feel we are working well together as a group and have come a long way since our first rehearsal. Each week we begin with a warm up activity and a trust activity, although these provide more laughs than anything else! Especially jennies game which made us all tell each other we love one another… however some members of the cast i.e. me and Zoe were not so good at keeping a straight face as Jennie and Frank!
Mark also paid a visit to my rehearsal which I thought was really nice… despite the look of pure shock on my face!! And it meant we got to show him what we had done so far and how far we had come as a group. I am so proud of my cast and what we have achieved so far!

We’ve now come to a kind of creative block and this means I need to go off to the home and collect some more memories for us to be able to develop the piece more…. So I awoke at 7.30am on Tuesday morning left at 9.20am and got to the m25 and ended up sitting on the m25 for 2 hours with my engine off!! There had been an accident and all lanes were closed! So I had to cancel on the home and re arrange to go in another time! Nevertheless this will not stop me! I shall go back and get more memories!!

So all is well again…

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  1. Oh princess , I really enjoy what were doing ! Its wonderful that these people have given us access to their personal memories and allowed us to share them through theatre ! x