Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Monday afternoon and yet another rehearsal beckons us to studio 1!
Frank, Anton, Zoe and I gathered to run through our scenes and to devise a new scene. Within these scenes, relationships were established and magical moments were captured. As well as this we discovered the different dynamics with the different relationships within the play.

Zoe and Frank’s characters get married to one another within the play and the way the proposal is portrayed is through the use of Geoffrey’s memory and the way he did it. This meant that we needed to make sure it was just right. We the two of them pulled it off, it was so magical that I got goosebumps from just watching their scene even thought I knew what was going to happen.

Anton’s character, returns home to my character from war injured, but rather than being another lovey dovey couple we chose a different approach, and this worked just as well even if I say so myself!

I am so happy with how things are ticking along and I really cannot wait for our dress rehearsal tomorrow afternoon!

I went off prop shopping today and just need a few more bits and pieces and then we are almost there!

I am just so excited!! =D

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  1. I think what you are doing Shamilla is really wonderful, and something that drama in the community is all about- well done for taking the initative to do it!
    I would love to watch the final performance if possible?