Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The weekend of the 5th and 6th!

I have not blogged in over a month and a half now….more fool me!
But nevertheless the time has come for me to return to it….

We have now performed and participated in our first weekend at ham house and sadly the only one I will be doing =(

For me it could not have been a bigger success! I loved every moment of it and thought that we all, as a company did really really well!

On the SATURDAY we all arrived at 10 am, well I was ten minutes late as usual. We got straight to work, organising the days activities and the order they would be in, as well as putting on our final bits of costume. We gathered in the “mess room” and waited for 11am to arrive along with the children!
We decided to have a vocal warm up and went into the education room, this helped us become focused and got us all geared up and excited, singing and humming away.

I was due to face paint at 11am, but thank God! There was only one child that needed their face painted at that time so I let Claudia take control as I did not trust myself with a brush, paint and a child’s face!

I found myself on a break and went off to eat my lunch/breakfast! I then was due to start my storytelling in the buttery and so off I went to sit on my perch and read from my BIG book! As children started arriving I grew more and more excited and started to enjoy myself more.

At one point I was telling my story in the day and mark came in and joined me and sat down with the children and their parents and after I had finished everyone looked at me as if they wanted more stories, so mark suggested to me that perhaps we should consider having another story teller upstairs with me. Which I thought was a fabulous idea as at times I was quite lonely.

Enter Briony and her story about the wittles and how they were as poor as poor could be. I felt this idea worked really well and sharing the experience with someone made it more intense and magical.

As they day wore on and my story had been told for the umpteenth time, I had a feeling of satisfaction more than anything else, as I had seen the children’s faces and how much they had enjoyed my story.

I then took a little walk over to the marquee and came across a CUPCAKE stand!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!! This made my day!!!! I bought 3!! Not all for me! I did share, but they were like heaven and the cupcakes just made my day even better! =)


By this point I was exhausted already!! I had gone to my uncle’s house for dinner and ended up staying there most of the night! So didn’t get much sleep. Nevertheless I was not going to let the company down and turned up, late again, however I had a valid excuse! Gary was talking to me at the door!

So in I walked to the “mess room” and again began another eventful day!
I was performing for the first hour in the buttery with Briony, however it was so quiet in the house Briony and I ended up rehearsing and then just having a good chat, which I found really nice as I have never really gotten to know her before Sunday and so it was an hour well spent I think!

The house was a lot busier on Sunday than it was on Saturday and I was constantly telling my story. 2 people pulled out so we were all constantly working… again I was lucky enough to escape face painting! However Jayne painted a loverly cupcake on my face!! =)

There was so much going on that it felt really good to be a part of it and to hear some of the feedback we were getting made me feel even better!

My mummy and stepdad came to see me at about half 2 and caught the end of my story which was nice, and then we went for a little wonder around the marquee and shop and orangery. Again I had CUPCAKES!!! My mummy bought me 2! =) ahh the little pleasures in life!!

By the end of the day I was truly exhausted and ready for bed! But we needed to de-brief and to our delight Gary had bought us cupcakes to say thank you however I did not have any as by this point I had had 3 in 24 hours and felt slightly sick!!

Mark decided to tell parents I had had 7! And commenced in telling me that I looked like one in what I was wearing!!

All in all a fabbbbb weekend! I just wish I could do the following two!! =(

=) x x x x

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