Thursday, 15 October 2009

*random post *

I just felt that i should blog for the sake of blogging... I am having a tough week at the mo and the thought of going to ham house tomo and being in that environment is starting to cheer me up.

I feel sometimes one needs a bad week/phase inorder to realise how lucky you are.
My ideas at the moment are few and far between and i feel like i'm juggling many balls in the air and at any moment they are about to drop! =(

Let's hope i can pull through this bad phase and get on with it all with a smile on my face =)

x x x x

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  1. I totally get how your feeling that you've got so many things to do that it ways you down and how that just has a bad reaction and knock on effect on everyting else. Don't worry bout not having ideas we have a whole year to plan and think about and as we all know all the best ideas are the one that take ages to come out...well thats what i always say!!
    hope you feel better soon my lovely :) hugs!!!xx