Tuesday, 8 December 2009



For 12 hours we wrote the theme tune sang the theme tune danced the theme tune argued over the theme tune and acted the theme tune! Or should that be musical?!
It was the most amazing, intense, magical, creative, crazy, agitating, happy, annoying, mental experience of my life and I loved every second of it!!

I am on such a buzz from it, it was immense! Some audience members were negative about it all and were like it was sh*t… thanks mate. But some were like wow you did it in 12 hours… I was like I knowwwwww! And to those that were negative I was like ok do better then come tell me what you think. Idiots!

Learning lines, songs, and dances was crazzzzzy! And improvisation slowly became the way forward…but we achieved something that has never been done before at St Mary’s and may have possibly set a record?! So if anyone can do better try otherwise shut up!
Cos we ARE amazing and what we did was amazing!! =)

So so so proud!!! =)

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  1. wow! it was great! Certainly a lesson as to what can happen when you get on Facebook. I must be careful! Love Cathy Munday (Zoe's Mum) x