Thursday, 8 October 2009

Session 2....At the House....

I really really really enjoyed today's session!!
We had our lecture at Ham House, and discussed what we will be doing in the upcoming months leading to Christmas.

We have been told that we will be running a storytelling project and face painting at the “family fun” events held over three weekends in December. We have been told that we will have (hopefully) three different performance spaces, meaning that we can tell shorter stories and keep the event and the audience moving.

How do we deliver this and how do we make it work effectively?

We need to deliver and event that is fragmented – happens for only 2-5 minutes, possibility of stories or long jokes. It is vital there is fluidity and that the whole thing can dissolve and start again.

I think costumes will be essential, I feel that, as it is over the Christmas period, we should have the theme of magic and fairies to keep the children captured and to make them feel like they are really in a magical place and make them want to come back again, to the house.

There is the possibility of maybe creating things for different age groups maybe each room is for a different age group.

Maybe other “family fun” events that we could consider could be making things, creating costumes out of household “rubbish”.

Within the lecture we all split into groups and went off to find a spot and then had to tell a story about the spot we found.

Our group found a garden with boxes and chairs, and we came up with the idea of being each season and telling a poem about how all the seasons come together to meet. I pitched to the rest of the company that maybe this could be one of our stories for the Christmas event, however the group felt it would be put to better use if we were to save the idea and use it in the summer period. As due to the fact that it was based outdoors, it meant that if the weather was rubbish, our story and ideas would go to waste. I felt that this was a good idea to save it for the summer.

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  1. Charlotte had a neat idea of maybe co-piloting stories with children. Having them work with simple props and costumes to tell the stories or play characters in them. What do you think?