Thursday, 18 February 2010

Starting out on my own.....

Where do I begin…I guess at the beginning…hmmm…

The start of semester two began and as everyone grew excited for the Ham House project, I felt that it wasn’t for me. So I asked Mark if I could possibly have my own project, something I could develop and grow within.

I was given Reminiscent Theatre, each week I go to Acorn Court Home in Redhill, Surrey, and I sit and I talk with the residents there. The homes is over three floors the ground floor has the residents that are more able, the first has those that need just a little bit of extra help, and the second has those suffering from dementia.

On my first week I spoke to a few residents, and without giving too much away, I decided to base my piece on the four seasons, Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter, however after talking to several residents I realised most of them had one thing in common (apart from their dislike of pasta!) they had all been around during World War II. With that in mind I started to ask them more about the war and so far have gathered the most amazing memories.

I worked with the residents that suffer from dementia too, this was a real challenge, so I decided to take in a load of different sensory stimulating things, like marionettes, plastacine, cascanettes, maracas, and a little woodpecker on a metal pole that slides down it… much to mine and the residents delight they loved it all! I even had one lady trying to steal a cascanette and when I spotted it I said you can keep it, she was extremely happy at this news!

I have been busy, busy, busy now with my project well underway and my ideas just flowing like water, I think the problem now is putting it all together and knowing what to use and what not!

I went off to the Imperial War Museum on Saturday to do some research into WWII and ended up spending a fortune on all these little things that will aid my piece! So it was worth it!

Right well I must be off…I have more planning and scheming to do!!! =)


  1. scheming?!??!?! This project sounds so cool Shamilla :)I bet you absolutely love it! More theatre at Tara Arts???hahah xx

  2. hahah yeah zoe!! i have to go back there on 6th of march... i am actually scared to!!xxx