Thursday, 18 February 2010

Arts BAD

I have recently become a little theatre addict and have been going at least once a week!! Last night myself, Zoe, Charlotte, Briony and Christina went off to Tara Studios to see Othello...Now I am one that will never, ever say a performance was bad, rubbish, boring, or a waste of my time. As I feel that if it got funding to be performed to the public it must have some good points........

The play was all of the above...minus the good points... Thank goodness the tickets were free...

It was un-rehearsed, the play is Shakespearean and lines were lost or mumbled and not pronounced clearly enough. Costume was I assume meant to be all blacks and it just looked messy and unfinished. The best part of the play was when Othello halfway through, began to carry a book constantly on stage... SO HE COULD READ HIS LINES OUT OF IT!! I'm sorry but it truly was appaling, and at least I know now what not to do when making theatre!

Other than that i did really enjoy my evening and it was nice to spend it with the girlies! And the pub afterwards was mosgt definately the highlight!!

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